How to Choose the Right Home Gym

While you are considering the purchase of your own home gym you might want to put some thought on where the gym will be located. Different home gyms come in varying sizes and you need to consider where you will be putting the gym. The home gym is going to be delivered by truck and the driver may or may not actually move the gym into the gym’s permanent spot. If you live in an older style home and plan on putting it in an upstairs bedroom you many want to be certain it will fit going up the stairs. Also to consider is the weight of the gym as well. Some home gyms come with free weights and weighted bars and can be over 500lbs. Take measurements, think about where you’ll locate the gym and make arrangements to move the gym into its permanent location.

Some Assembly Required

When you purchase a home gym some assembly is going to be required once the gym is delivered to your home. The amount of assembly and the ease of assembly is subjective and relative to your abilities. Check with the dealer or distributor about how much assembly will be required and what degree of mechanical skill will be necessary. If you can get your brother-in-law to come over some night and help you to assemble the gym that’s great, but asking the right questions before you purchase might save you some time and headache once the gym arrives at your home. Many gyms require very little assembly but almost all do require some.

Easy to Operate

No matter what home gym you purchase it is going to take some time to get use to all the functions that the home gym can perform. Various home gyms can come with a dozen or even two dozen different exercise options and that’s good but it shouldn’t take a genius to figure them all out from the owner’s manual. The ease of learning to operate and utilize the gym can mean you will be enjoying and realizing results sooner more then later. Be certain you can simply and easily understand fully how to use your home gym to avoid injury and achieve desired outcomes.

Ample Workout Stations

Obviously you have exercise goals in mind because you decided to buy a home gym, now make certain the home gym has the potential for you to realize those goals. If your goals are simple and straight forward like more leg strength, upper body strength or toning many gyms will be ideal for reaching those goals. Inquire from the dealer or get a brochure that lists the options a particular gym is equipped you’re your goals are a little more advanced you might want to look at a free weight home gym with higher weight levels to continue to meet your changing fitness goals.

Excellent Craftsmanship

A satisfactory purchase of a home gym is going to require an investment of your money. You will want the gym to stand up to years of use and for it to keep on functioning as it was intended. Check to make sure the craftsmanship of the design is such that you can be confident years down the road you will still be satisfied with the gym. A solidly constructed and well engineered home gym ought to be able to bring years of enjoyment to the owner. Obtain reviews of various gyms made by actual owners or consumer reports and give just as much consideration of craftsmanship towards purchasing your home gym as you would your new automobile. eastside gym


Your home gym is a fine piece of engineering designed by competent professionals but on occasion parts do fail and things do go wrong. This is true with just about any product you can purchase. Most home gyms operate for their life expectancy without any major problems whatever, but if something does go wrong you want to make sure the dealer, distributor or manufacturer is going to stand behind its product and make things right. Taking the time to consider the warranty offered with a home gym can save you hundreds of dollars in the event something should unexpectedly go wrong and will need to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.


Home gyms are one of those categories of products that you can expect to get what you pay for. The better designed gyms with more features are naturally going to cost you more money. If a particular home gym has the features and craftsmanship you are looking for don’t let the price scare you away. Five years down the road when you are looking to upgrade perhaps the superior design and craftsmanship will payoff in resale value. Of if you are still happy with the gym after 5 years you can be certain it will be functioning just the way it was designed to function. Shopping around and trying to get the best deal is one thing, but understanding what you’ll be paying for is quite another.


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